Tap to Create, Tap to Show

The Fantastic Show of Our Time

Polaris Show has recreated the ever-fixed hyperlinks in the form of movable hyperlinks. You can insert the content that you want as movable hyperlinks(Tapcon) anywhere on the slide. Every time you tap the hidden Tapcon on the slide, linked contents appear or disappear like a magic. You can also freely move the content to anywhere and even change the size of it. You can create Show easily and freely touched without professional programming.

Polaris Show started from ‘Why’

Why can’t we make the desired contents appear or disappear whenever we want by tapping wherever we want?
Why can’t we compare different contents on the same slide making them come and go freely?
Why can’t we move around the inserted contents once a slide show has started?

Show Like Never Before!

A new show like never before
Each time your fingertips get on the screen, the hidden contents will instantly come and go
The smartest show ever

Load and compare different contents in a single slide without having to turn pages
The most effective show ever
Freely adjust the size and the placement of the content displayed
New ways to show pictures
Secretly hide other photos and desired contents in a photo, just tap whenever you want to show it