Oops, you’ve deleted the Polaris Show file by mistake… Unfortunately, deleted Polaris Show files cannot be recovered.
So please double check before deleting your Polaris Show files!
We recommend backing up the important files in your personal cloud storage service.

We recommend you to access your personal cloud storage service while using Polaris Show.
Of course, you can also save files in the device itself.
Also, using one of the cloud storage services you’re familiar with, such as iCloud Drive(iOs Only), Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive will be much more effective in sharing files you need for your Polaris Show.

It doesn’t fit with the structure of Polaris Show to creat such a magic-like Polaris Show file using an exsiting PPT file. It is PDF and image files with no effects at all that make the Polaris Show-magic happen.
So, Polaris Show creates a Polaris Show file based on all PDF and image file. It will be better if you create a PDF file from PPT that you can use in Polaris Show.

All you need to create a Polaris Show file is PDFs or Image files.
If the file you have can be converted to PDF type, then you can create a Polaris Show file with it!

To create a Polaris Show file, you need a PDF or an image file.
The image file formats we support are as follows.
– png, jpeg(jpg), bmp(bmpf), gif (applied as a still image)
Create your own Polaris Show file with the file types above!

When inserting image contents into a Polaris Show file, the image file formats we support is as follows.
– png, jpeg(jpg), bmp(bmpf), gif
With the above file types, enjoy inserting the image contents as you like into your Polaris Show file!

When inserting video contents into a Polaris Show file, the video file formats we support are as follows.
– m4v, mp4, mov
Enjoy inserting the video contents you want in your Polaris Show file using the above format files!

When inserting audio contents into a Polaris Show file, the audio file formats we support are as follows.
Enjoy inserting the audio contents you want in your Polaris Show file using the above format files!

The video files have a limit can be inserted on one slide.  (iOs : 25EA / Android : 6EA)
No Limit for other contents.
But Polaris Show file cannot be over 300MB. (You can use up to 150MB on phone.)
If video file is too big, then you can also use Youtube etc.. for smart easy Show!

Polaris Show file cannot over 300MB. (You can make up to 150MB on phone.)
Also, one inserted file cannot over 50MB for insert and download.

In the App, go to Settings in the upper right corner of the Home to find the guide.
Guide is only available on the web, so you can view it only when connected to the Internet.
You can also check it out on the Polaris Show homepage. (https://polaris-show.co.kr/guide)
Oh, don’t forget to tap on with three fingers in Edit and Show screen to see the Gesture Guide!

Polaris Show uses a variety of gestures to edit and show most efficiently in touch-on devices.
In particular, there are many gesture functions in Edit and Show screen.
‘How would I know that?’ Relax and just tap with three fingers to see a gesture guide when you want to see the gesture on Edit and Show screens.

Go to the Directory at Home screen!
Tap Download button at the Directory to download resources to Polaris Show.
If you download the resources from your usual Cloud and save it in Polaris Show, you can use the resources any time you want!

When you insert content directly into a slide through the cloud, that contents resources are not stored in the directory of Polaris Show.
That contents can only be seen on the slide where it is inserted.
If you insert the contents that you had downloaded into the slide, you can view it on the Directory as well as in slide since the contents were already saved in Polaris Show.
You can check used resources in Polaris Show at once through the Used Resources! Tap Used Resources in Edit screen!

Are you surprised that all of the contents suddenly disappeared from the slide? Don’t worry.
All the inserted contents on the slide are hidden if you enter the Polaris Show file or tap Hide All Contents button in Edit screen.
If you want to see all contents again on the slide, tap Hide All Contents button once again.
Take advantage of this function when putting various contents in one slide!

Are you surprised that only the specific contents are not shown while the other contents are there? Don’t worry.
Double tapping the Tapcon in Edit screen will hide the contents linked to that Tapcon.
If you want to see that contents again, just double tap the Tapcon.
Take advantage of this function when you want to create a new Tapcon where specific contents is hidden!

Do you feel inconvenience when you would like to create a new Tapcon on the slide but the slide is already covered will contents?
To ease this inconvenience, Polaris Show has two functions that can make contents invisible.
One is tapping Hide All Contents button in Edit screen to hide all the contents you’ve inserted on the slide, and the other is hiding only the contents linked with a Tapcon by double tapping the Tapcon.
You can easily create a new Tapcon with whichever way more convenient.

Hidden slides in the Manage Slide screen are saved and retained even when the Polaris Show file is closed.
If the Polaris Show file is saved, the state of the hidden slides are also maintained.

If you want to emphasize your presentation or attract the audiences’ attention, the best way is to place a Sticker.
There are various Stickers including a line, check marks and many different shapes.
If you use appropriate animations and sound effect, it will definitely help you to make your audiences to focus on you.

You can add empty slides by tapping the Add Slide button at the Manage a Slide screen.
If you tap Empty Slide of the list, you can also choose the color of the empty slide.
Select the color you want and tap the V button to see that you have added an empty slide with a different color!

Don’t you remember where Tapcon was in the middle of your Show?
Don’t panic. Just tap and hold the screen with your two fingers!
Tapping and holding with two fingers in Show screen will let you know where Tapcon is.

In Polaris Show, all the contents are displayed not directly from the slide but by linking with a Tapcon.
So you can’t show the contents right away; Please tap the Tapcon to show the contents.

If you tap and holding the Tapcon in Edit screen, you can link additional contents with the Add button.
When two or more contents are linked to a Tapcon in this way, Sub Tapcons are created.
The Sub Tapcons are matched one by one with each contents in the order where they are linked with the Tapcon.
When you Tap a Multi Tapcon in Show screen, all linked contents will be shown at once. Have an awesome show with a Multi Tapcon!

It’s not showing because the slide is hidden.
Tap on Manage a Slide button in Edit screen to go to the Manage Slide screen. You can hide slides by tapping Hide button.
Note that hidden slides are not visible in Show screen! Tap Hide button again to reveal the function and the slide will be shown again.

You can change the order of the slides by dragging the slide in the Manage Slide screen.(iOs Only)

You can adjust the size of the contents by dragging the bottom right corner of the contents even during your Show!
You can also move the contents around in the middle of the Show. The image, video, text, audio, sticker can be moved by dragging the contents, and the web page can be moved by dragging the top bar.

Double tap in the Show screen for the Show Menu bar.
Tap ‘Exit Show’ button of the Show Menu bar to exit the Show screen.

In a many cases, margins are existed.
However, in Polaris Show, you can fill in this margin with any color.
Fill the margin with the color you want through the Show Background Color function on the Show Menu bar! (iOs Only)

Just set the first page you want.
Browse other web pages, search and surf the internet in the middle of your show.

Do you have any suggestions or inquiries?
Suggestions and inquiries can be made through the following methods.
* Polaris Show Homepage :http://www.polaris-show.co.kr/contact
* E-mail : polashow.help@gmail.com
(Polaris Show Customer Service is available Monday to Friday 9:00~18:00 in Korean Standard Time (GMT+9). Please understand that our response may be delayed due to many inquiries.)

Do the App not turn on, kick out or stop while loading? We are really sorry for the inconvenience while using Polaris Show.
First, if there is such a phenomenon,
1. Reboot your device and turn it on again,
2. If it does not turn on after updating, try reinstalling it after completely removing the App
3. If the App does not turn on suddenly, there might be crashing conflict with other apps that you have recently installed or the updated OS, so we recommend to reinstall after completely removing the App.
If you can’t solve the problem from the above methods, please let us know by the way below and we will do our best to help you! http://www.polaris-show.co.kr/contact
We can respond quickly if you can give us details about relevant information, screenshots or the device environment, etc.
(Polaris Show Customer Service is available between 09:00-18:00 Monday to Friday, based on the Korean standrad time (GMT+9). Please understand that we may be delayed in response to many inquiries.)

Have you experienced a bug while using Polaris Show?
Please report the bug you have found by the following method!
* Polaris Show Homepage :http://www.polaris-show.co.kr/contact
* E-mail : polashow.help@gmail.com
We can make a better and more convenient Polaris Show if your interests are shared to us.Your report will make Polaris Show better.
Give us as much detail as possible, such as a detailed summary of what happened, screenshots, and the information of your device, and we can respond ASAP!
(Polaris Show Customer Service is available between 09:00-18:00 Monday to Friday, based on the Korean standard time (GMT+9). Please understand that we may be delayed in response to many inquiries.)

Do you have to delete Polaris Show due to circumstances beyond your control?
If you delete Polaris Show, all the Polaris Show files and resource files stored in the Polaris Show will be deleted as well.
Make sure to back up your Polaris Show files to your cloud storage service before deleting the app!

You can enjoy Polaris Show without membership.
You can download and use it immediately from the App store that is suitable for your device.

Cannot connect to the internet?  Polaris Show can be used without internet connection.
Be aware that the device should be connected to the internet to access to guide, clouds, Youtube videos and web page contents!

Are you about to give a fantastic show on a bigger screen with Polaris Show? To connect your device to a display, please refer to the below!
When connected to an external display, you can show the effect of tapping the Polaris Show screen with your fingertips if you select Tap Pointer in the Show Mode.

You can use Polaris Show for free.
After using free, still you want to use Polaris Show then please purchase it!
You can purchase Polaris Show by 1.99$/m, 19.99$/y or Lifetime 39.99$.

Do you want to cancel your subscription or get a refund?
Please visit Each Market Support for subscription cancellations and refunds.

Are you confused about the different file sizes you see in the Cloud and Polaris Show?
This is caused by a different capacity marking policy between Clouds and Device.
For reliable file sharing, we recommend you to send and receive files a bit more than the limit!

Polaris Show is available above the minimum spec listed below.
*Minimum Spec
-OS : 13
-OS :  9.0 pie
-Memory : 6GB RAM
-CPU : 1.78 Ghz Octa-core

Of course. You can freely share a Polaris Show file no matter where it’s made.
Freely share a Polaris Show file with your friends and colleagues.

Would you like to show your great show to someone else?
The Polaris Show screen recording function button is located on the right side of the Show menu bar.
Record Polaris Show’s great show with the recording function of your device and share it with anyone you want to share!