[Android] Polaris Show 3.0 Update

운 영자
2021-11-26 10:15
-Fixed the issue that the number of resources in the free version was incorrectly counted.

-Fixed the issue of the free-of-charge converting policy, which was not partially applied.

-Fixed the issue that unavailable extensions were available.

-Fixed the issue of the advertisement covering contents on the Directory page.

-Advertisement has been removed from the gesture guide in Edit and Show screen.

-Fixed the issue that there is no progress during ‘Restore Purchase’.

-Fixed the login issue for OneDrive

-Fixed the issue that the app crashed if there were simultaneous inputs.

-Fixed the issue that occurred as files were deleted in a folder.

-Fixed the issue that occurred during a folder movement.

-Fixed the issue that occurred during opening a folder.

-Modified that a special character can’t be part of a name.

-Modified that sorting files based on date and time (recent files are on top priority)

-Setting for sorting files is kept after closing the app.

-Fixed the issue that sorting files after changing a file name was not immediate.

-Modified the directory path notation method.

-Fixed the issue that video and audio became unplayable after another action during the play of them.

-Modified that virtual keyboard shows up with the Comment.

-Modified that the Slide management page is always based on the current slide.

-Removed the animation effect that occurred during switching to another slide.

-Fixed the issue that Toasts during switching to another slide appeared.

-Modified the overall size range of the tap pointer shown on the Show page.